Best Pet Insurance

best pet insuranceIf you have a pet and you've been trying to find the best pet insurance for your little loved one, we'd like you to read about Embrace Pet Insurance. Not all pet insurance companies offer the same coverage, so make sure before signing up with one that you research what they have to offer.

Best pet insurance plans

Best pet insurance plans cover all the basics that you expect: accidents, illnesses, diagnostic tests, surgery, and more.

Embrace also covers:

  • Genetic & breed-specific Conditions
  • Wellness & Routine Care
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Alternative Therapies & Rehab

Types of Plan Embrace Pet Insurance Offers:

  • Full Coverage Plan
  • Accident Plan

Depending on which state you live in, the following optional coverages are also available:

  • Drug & Dental coverage
  • Wellness Rewards to cover routine care
  • Dental Rewards to cover dental care

Insurance coverage plans are also customizable to meet your budget. You can adjust your coverage to find a premium you can afford. We also offer a high-deductible option for pet parents looking for catastrophic pet insurance.

You can use any veterinarian. No networks. You can visit any veterinary hospital you like, including the ER & specialists, no need for a referral.


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