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Pentagon Federal Credit Card tips

If you’re interested in a good credit card and prefer credit unions over banks and other financial institutions, the Pentagon Federal (PenFed) credit card may be for you.

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As with all credit unions, applicants must meet the basic requirements for membership and submit a nominal fee in order to establish an account. But you don’t need to be affiliated with the military to qualify for this card; you can join by making a one-time donation to designated charities (specifically, the National Military Family Association, or Voices For America’s Troops).

Pentagon Federal credit cards offer competitive bonus rewards (both in terms of cash back and points), and unlike most rewards cards on the market, they have comparatively low interest rates with zero fees.

The Pentagon Federal Credit Card Requires Excellent Credit

As with all rewards credit cards, carrying a balance will cancel out the benefits of the card, even with relatively low interest. Of course, the Pentagon Federal credit card requires excellent credit to enjoy all of these benefits. While credit score is only one of several factors evaluated for credit, it's important to check your score before applying.

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